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*  VHF/MF/HF Procedure

*  SAT Module



















The Examination Syllabus for the CEPT Long Range Radiotelephone

Operator's Certificate of Competence (LRC) for vessels not subject to

compulsory fit under the SOLAS Convention.

The examination consists of theoretical and practical tests and should include at least:


        * The general principles and basic features of the maritime mobile service.

        * Detailed practical knowledge and ability to use radio equipment.

        * The VHF  MF/HF radio installation. Use VHF MF/HF equipment in practice.

        * Purpose and use of Digital Selective Calling (DSC) facilities.

        * Operational procedures of the GMDSS and detailed practical operation of

            GMDSS subsystems and equipment appropriate to non-SOLAS vessels.

        * Distress, urgency and safety communication procedures in the GMDSS.

        * Maritime Safety Information (MSI) systems in the GMDSS.


* has to be done in English language

* taken by our certified Assessors Mr. Gantioler or Mr. Koblmiller

  LRC update course: 4 days  Course: € 440,-  Book: € 20,-   Exam: € 140,-

  SRC + LRC update:  6 days  Course: € 600,-  Book: € 20,-   Exam: € 140,-

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