Maritime Radio School KOBLMILLER

Wien Innsbruck Graz Linz Salzburg Mondsee
Office: Vorstadtl 3, 2483 Ebreichsdorf, Mobil:+43 664 73438501 Fax:+43 2254 76215



SRC issued by















The original English licence:

- probably the most known licence worldwide


The holder of this certificate will be authorised to operate a VHF DSC and

VHF-ONLY radio Telephone station established in a ship.


* according to the requirements of the RYA (Royal Yachting Association)

* held everywhere in Austria (Vienna, Graz, Innsbruck, Salzburg, Linz)


* Requirements and Regulations, GMDSS

* Management of the Maritime Mobile Band

* Marine VHF and Digital Selective Calling Equipment

* NAVTEX, AIS, Emergency Radio Equipment

*   Distress-, Urgency and Safety Procedures

*   Routine Traffic how to receive weather forecast and grib files


* has to be done in English language

* taken by our certified Assessors Mr. Gantioler or Mr. Koblmiller

Time required: 16 hours incl. exam, min. age is 16!

Training: 340,00 20,00 Book 80,00 exam fee

Note: We recommend basic English knowledge for the students taking part in this courses.

There is no time left during the training to teach English.